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New products and physical stores coming soon!

We've been working hard to build our cruisers over the last couple of years. Lately a lot of things have happened and we're speeding up our production machine. Because Raglan Cruisers will be available from selected stores in Raglan soon! This way you can actually hold a board in your hands and take it for a test ride (before falling in love with it and taking it home ;)Also we will add some new gear to our online store so you can get your bearings, trucks and gritape from Raglan Cruisers, yeah!So keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook account or check back to our website soon and behold the changes that are happening.Peace  

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Meet Raglan Cruisers

Raglan Cruisers is an independent brand born in 2013, specialized in fine handmade cruiser. Unique pieces inspired by the 60’s and 70’s boards that build a bridge to the surf scene of that period. Our decks are handcrafted in Raglan using solid recycled wood. Away from mass production, Raglan Cruisers goes back to basics and works with dedication, putting sweat, passion and hard work, dealing with each stage of the production process in first person.  Raglan Cruisers combines contemporary design and craftsmanship, attention to materials and production, with the goal of approaching all those who are about to get into it, we have a great range of apparel also.  

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